Ph.D. School in

Optimization in Computer Vision

Copenhagen, May 19th to 23rd 2008

Exercise and lecture materials

The deadline for the exercise reports is august first. If you do the exercises in a group your are encouraged to only submit one report per group. Please provide a mailing address in the report, to which the certificate of participation should be sent.

Day Speaker Slides Exercise
Monday Lieven Vandenberghe Convex Optimization Quasi Newton Optimization
Richard Hartley Intro to Quasi Newton Methods
Tuesday Richard Hartley Quasi-Convex Optimization in Computer Vision Quasiconvex Optimixation
Fredrik Kahl Quasi-Convex Optimization in Computer Vision
Wednesday Richard Hartley Pseudo-Boolean Optimization I Mini exercise
Philip H. S. Torr Graph cuts and Markov Random Fields (pdf) (ppt)
Thursday Richard Hartley Pseudo Boolean Optimization II Graph Cut MRF

Supplementary slides
Henrik Aanęs Intro to Robust Statistics
Friday Fredrik Kahl Quasi-Convexity: Fast algorithms and Outliers Structure and Motion in Flatland
Richard Hartley Branch and Bound on Rotation Space

Ph.D. School in Optimization in Computer Vision, Richard Petersens Plads, DTU - Bygning 321, DK-2800 Lyngby