Summer School on

Sparsity in Image and Signal Analysis

At Hˇlar, Iceland, August 16 - 20, 2010 (both days included)


We are sorry to announce that Ali Shokoufandeh is not able to attend the summer school.
The summer school timetable can be found by clicking this link

Pdfs of talks

Karl Sj÷strand: Coefficient path algorithms

Andreas BŠrentzen: Data structures for sparse volumetric data

Francois Lauze: Total Variation in Image Analysis (The Homo Erectus Stage?)

Warfield 1

Warfield 2

Warfield 3

Guillaume Obozinski: First Lecture

Guillaume Obozinski: Second Lecture

Guillaume Obozinski: Third Lecture

Michael Elad: All material

Rasmus Larsen: Sparse representation of active appearance model texture maps

Line Clemmensen and Bjarne Ersb°ll: Sparse Supervised Analysis

Sami Brandt: Total variation regularization and large scale volume reconstructions in tomography

Material for interactive sessions

Guillaume Obozinski (presentation)

Guillaume Obozinski (download material)

Warfield (whole)

Warfield part 1

Warfield part 2

Warfield part 3

Warfield part 4

Warfield part 5

Warfield part 6

Pdfs of posters

Stefan Sommer: Statistics on manifolds

Vedrana Andersen Surfel based geometry reconstruction

Signe S. Thorup


Please find abstracts/lecture overviews from the lectures of the summerschool (we make them available as soon as we receive them). Please click on the name of the lecturer to see his/her abstract(s).

Michael Elad

Guillaume Obozinski

Simon Warfield


Sami Brandt

Andreas BŠrentzen

Line H. Clemmensen

Rasmus Larsen

Francois Lauze

Allan Aasbjerg Nielsen

Mads Nielsen

Karl Sj÷strand

Jon Sporring

Magn˙s Írn ┌lfarsson

Summer School on Sparsity in Image and Signal Analysis, Hˇlar, Iceland