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Programme (main conference)
 Wednesday, July 4
 Thursday, July 5
 Poster and tool demos
 Guidelines for speakers

Programme (workshops)
 Monday, July 2
 Tuesday, July 3

Programme (tutorials)
 Tutorial 1 (Monday morning)
 Tutorial 2 (Monday afternoon)

Social events
 Reception (July 3)
 Excursion and dinner (July 4)

Accepted papers

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ECMFA Main conference program: Wednesday, July 4

  830–900 Registration

  900–915 Opening session (Glassalen)

  915–1030 Keynote talk (Glassalen)
chaired+) by Richard Paige
Henrik Lönn, VOLVO Technology, Sweden:
Models Meeting Automotive Design Challenges
1030–1100 Coffee break

1100–1230 Testing (Glassalen)
chaired+) by Dimitris Kolovos
  Applications of MDE 1 (M1)
chaired+) by Thomas Goldschmidt
M. Elaasar and Y. Labiche:
Model Interchange Testing: a Process and a Case Study

T. Yue and S. Ali:
Bridging the Gap between Requirements and Aspect State Machines to Support Non-Functional Testing: Industrial Case Studies

L. Briand, Y. Labiche and Y. Liu:
Combining UML Sequence and State Machine Diagrams for Data-Flow Based Integration Testing*)

G. M. K. Selim, S. Wang, J. R. Cordy and J. Dingel:
Model Transformations for Migrating Legacy Models: An Industrial Case Study#)

A. Radjenovic, N. Matragkas, R. Paige, A. Motta, M. Rossi, L. Baresi and D. Kolovos:
MADES: A Tool Chain for Automated Verification of UML Models of Embedded Systems#)

A. Votintseva, P. Witschel, N. Regnat and P. E. Stelzig:
Comparative Study of Model-Based and Multi-Domain System Engineering Approaches for Industrial Settings

1230–1330 Lunch break

1330 1330–1430 Techniques (Glassalen)
chaired+) by Tao Yue
  1330–1500 Tools session (M1)
chaired+) by Imran Quadri
J. Pinna Puissant, R. Van Der Straeten and T. Mens:
Badger: A regression planner to resolve design model inconsistencies*)

G.Varró, A. Anjorin and A. Schürr:
Unification of Compiled and Interpreter-Based Pattern Matching Techniques

J. Johannes, M. Seifert, C. Wende and F. Heidenreich:
CommentTemplate: A Lightweight Code Generator for Java Developers

R. Etemaadi and M. Chaudron:
A Model-based Tool for Automated Quality-driven Design of System Architectures

V. Acretoaie and H. Störrle:
MQ-2: A Tool for Prolog-based Model Querying

C. Vogel, H. Koziolek, T. Goldschmidt and E. Burger:
Rapid Performance Modeling and Reasoning with UCM2PCM

D. Redlich, S. Platz, T. Molka and W. Gilani:
MDE in Practice: Process-centric Performance Prediction via Simulation in Real-time

G. Botterweck and Andreas Pleuss:
S2T2-Configurator: Interactive Support for Configuration of Large Feature Models.

The tool sessions last until 1500. There will be a special open-ended coffee break after this session in front of the lecture hall (Foyer), where the tools and posters will be demonstrated — up to the excursion.

1430–1500 Coffee break

1500–1630 Domain-Specific Languages (Glassalen)
chaired+) by Fabian Büttner
Applications of MDE 2 (M1)
chaired+) by Tom Mens
T. Goldschmidt and W. Mahnke:
An Internal Domain-Specic Language for Constructing OPC UA Queries and Event Filters

R.-H. Pfeiffer and A. Wasowski:
TexMo: A Multi-Language Development Environment*)

I. Rath, Á. Hegedüs and D. Varro:
Derived Features for EMF by Integrating Advanced Model Queries

D. Kolovos, L. Rose, N. Matragkas, J. Williams and R. Paige:
A Lightweight Approach for Managing XML Documents with MDE Languages

R. Behjati, S. Nejati, T. Yue, A. Gotlieb and L. Briand:
Model-Based Automated and Guided Configuration of Embedded Software Systems

F. Burton, R. Paige, D. Kolovos, L. Rose and S. Poulding:
Solving Acquisition Problems using Model-Driven Engineering and Model Transformation

1645 Excursion and Conference dinner

*) Papers marked with an asterisk are candidates for the best foundations paper award.
#) Papers marked with a hash symbol are candidates for the best industry paper award.

+) Speakers are asked to contact their session chairs before the session (see more details in the guidelines for speakers).