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Programme (overview)
 Monday, July 2 (overview)
 Tuesday, July 3 (overview)

Programme (tutorials)
 Tutorial 1 (Monday morning)
 Tutorial 2 (Monday afternoon)

Programme (main conference)

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First Workshop on Academics Modeling with Eclipse (ACME)

Monday, July 2, 900–1700, S10
organised by Dimitris Kolovos, Louis Rose (University of York, UK), Davide Di Ruscio (University of L'Aquila)

Eclipse has played a very significant role in the evolution of MDE over the last few years as it has provided mature infrastructure — predominately the Eclipse Modeling Framework — for the development of interoperable modelling and model management languages and tools. The aim of ACME is to provide a venue where developers of Eclipse-based MDE tools can demonstrate the most recent developments in their tools, provide insights on issues encountered when using these tools in practice, and engage in discussions with like-minded researchers.

Program (S10)

  900–910 Welcome & Agenda

  910–1030 Keynote talk
Bruce Trask, MDE Systems Inc.

1030–1100 Coffee break

1100–1230 Regular talks
Developing a multi-panel editor for EMF trace models (Alvaro Jimenez, Juan Manuel Vara, Veronica A. Bollati, Esperanza Marcos)

FAMILE: Tool support for evolving model-driven product lines (Thomas Buchmann, Felix Schwägerl)

Conper: Consistent Perspectives on Feature Models (Julia Schroeter, Malte Lochau, Tim Winkelmann)

1230–1330 Lunch break

1330 – 1430 Regular talks
Model2Roo: Web Application Development based on the Eclipse Modeling Framework and Spring Roo (Juan Castrejón, Genoveva Vargas Solar, Rafael Lozano)

CommentTemplate: A Lightweight Code Generator for Java built with Eclipse Modeling Technology (Jendrik Johannes, Mirko Seifert, Christian Wende, Florian Heidenreich, Uwe Aßmann)

Transient View Generation in Eclipse (Christian Schneider, Miro Spönemann, Reinhard Von Hanxleden)

1430–1500 Coffee break

1500–1530 Regular talk
An Integrated Tool Chain for Software Process Modeling and Execution (Ralf Ellner, Samir Al-Hilank, Martin Jung, Detlef Kips, Michael Philippsen)

1530–1630 Discussion and wrap-up