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Frequently Asked Questions


Last updated: 17 May 2012


Are semi-automated methods also allowed?

Absolutely. The final ranking will indicate whether or not methods are fully-automated.

My method is too slow to analyze dozens of patients in half a day. Can I still participate in the challenge?

Yes. Teams that need more time can still participate and send their results after 1 October 2012 to the organizers. They do need to be on-site and start their computations together with the other participants, though. In the final ranking, such submissions will be indicated as "overtime" submissions.

Can I still change my method between the submission of my paper and the actual on-site challenge?

Yes. Participating teams can continue to change/adapt/tweak their methods until the day of the challenge.

Since reference segmentations are available for the training data, how will the organizers prevent teams from reporting overly optimistic results in their paper submissions?

We won't. However, the final ranking of the competing algorithms will be based only on their performance on the independent set of test scans that will be made available on-site.

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