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Public Transportation

Here is some information on how to reach the ECMFA conference hotels and the ECMFA 2012 conference site from the airport, and how to reach the ECMFA conference site from the hotels and downtown Copenhagen by public transportation. Note that there are many different ways to reach the DTU Campus. In order to avoid confusion, only the major ones are described below.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Starting from the weekend before ECMFA, there will be some construction work going on at some S-train routes in the Copenhagen area in the evenings and night (after 1900). This means that the connections discussed below using S-trains are not available after 1900. See our special web page for alternative routes after 1900.

There is a separate web page, which explains the pricing and fare system. We would recommend that you look at these pages before you arrive at the airport, since it would be the easiest way for you to buy the right version of klippekort (multifare ticket) for you at the airport.

If you want to find out more, you can use Rejseplanen (Journey Planner), which is an excellent web site to find any connection within Denmark. You just need to enter the start and end address (or, if you know it, the name of the stop).

For reaching DTU by taxi, you will find some information on rates and telephone numbers on the page "to DTU by taxi".


Copenhagen's main hub for public transportation is Nørreport station (see overview map). Most of the routes to DTU and to the conference hotels are via Nørreport.

Nørreport — DTU

The easiest and fastest way to reach DTU from Nørreport is by bus 150S in direction Kokkedal st. Leave the bus 150S at bus stop "DTU/Rævehøjvej" from which you can reach DTU in a 8 minutes footwalk. The trip including the foot walk takes about 35 minutes.

Note that the bus stops "DTU/Rævehøjvej" are on different sides of a highway (have a look at the ECMFA conference site map). Coming from Copenhagen you need to cross the highway; if you are heading back for Copenhagen (Nørreport), you take the bus stop which is on the same side as the DTU campus.

Nørreport — Lyngby — Scandic Eremitage

Lyngby st (Lyngby station), can be reached from Nørreport by the S-trains "B" and "E. This trip takes about 15 minutes. From Lyngby st the conference hotel Scandic Eremitage can be reached either by a foot walk (10 minutes) or by the bus 300S in direction Nærum st. The fist stop will be Lyngby Storcenter. From there, the hotel is 3 minutes by foot.

Note that several other bus lines, go from Lyngby st to the hotel Scandic Eremitage (e.g. 183, 388, consult Rejseplanen if you want to find more connections).

Nørreport — airport

Nørreport st and the airport are directly connected by Metro line M2. The trip takes about 15 minutes.


The best way to and from Copenhagen airport (CPH) is via Metro (Line M2), which connects the airport with Nørreport. From the airport, take Metro M2 in direction Vanløse (there is only this one). If you want to go to the airport from Nørreport make sure that you take line M2 in direction "Lufthavn st" (make sure not to enter line M1). The trip between the airport and Nørreport takes about 15 minutes.

Airport — hotels

Almost independently of where you want to go (hotel, main station, or ECMFA conference site) you would go to Nørreport first, after arriving at Copenhagen airport. The only exception is if you want to go to the hotel Phoenix Copenhagen, in which case you also would take the Metro M2, but take the stop Kongens Nytorv.

From the airport, you can reach Hotel Phoenix Copenhagen by the Metro M2. Leave the metro at Kongens Nytorv. From there, the hotel can be reached by a 7 minutes foot walk (see overview map). You can also take bus 15 in direction Østerbro/Ryparken to stop Odd Fellow Palæet (from which the hotel is only 2 minutes away).

From the airport, you can reach Hotel CABINN, which is close to the main station (København H), by using the Metro M2 to Nørreport and from Nørreport taking the S-train (any line to the south) to the main station. From there, Hotel CABINN is only a 7 minutes foot walk (see overview map).

From the airport, you can reach Hotel Scandic Eremitage, by taking the Metro M2 to Nørreport. From there, you take S-trains B or E in direction Hillerød st or Holte st. Leave the S-train at Lyngby st (the trip takes 15 minutes). From there, you can either walk to the hotel (see overview map) or take bus 300S (see above).

Airport — ECMFA conference site

If you want to directly reach the conference site from the airport, you also take the Metro M2 to Nørreport and from there take bus 150S (see above). You can take this trip also in the reverse direction (this trip takes about an hour).

Hotels — ECMFA conference site

From the hotel Scandic Eremitage, the ECMFA conference site can be reached by foot in about 30 minutes (see overview map). You can also take the bus 300S in direction Nærum st and leave the bus at bus stop DTU (the trip takes about 7 minutes). See ECMFA conference site map for details on how to reach the ECMFA conference areas.

From the hotel Phoenix Copenhagen, the ECMFA conference site can be reached by taking the bus 15 in direction Østerbro, Ryparken and leave it at stop Ryparken st (!). At Ryparken st (!), change to bus 150S to DTU/Rævehøjvej. Another option is to walk to Kongens Nytorv, take the Metro (M1 or M2) to Nørreport and take the bus 150S to DTU from there (see above).

From hotel CABINN, you can walk to the main station and take S-train B or E in directions Hillerød or Holte to Lyngby st. From there, you can take the bus 300S (or some others to DTU). You can also leave the S-train at Nørreport and take the bus 150S from there (see above).