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Transportation: Fares and tickets


The exact prices for taxis depend on the taxi service and the exact rooutes. The following estimates should give you an rough idea on the rates for a taxi: A taxi ride from or to the airport costs about DKK 420 on weekdays and 540 DKK on weekends. A taxi ride from downtown Copenhagen to DTU (or the Scandic Eremitage in Lyngby) costs about DKK 250 on weekdays and DKK 320 on weekends.

See the official DTU link "to DTU by taxi" for taxi services in the Copenhagen area.

Public transportation

The same tickets and pricing system for public transportation in the greater Copenhagen area is the same same for busses, S-trains, Metros, and regional trains (and even the havnebus (a boat root in the harbour). The pricing system in Copenhagen is based on zones; the price for the ticket depends on the zones you cross (the minimum fare is 2 zones, even if you stay in a single zone only).

You will find number of zones which you travel between the different locations relevant for this conference in the Zones table at the bottom of this page.

You can buy single tickets for the resp. number of zones at all S-train or Metro stations or in the bus.

Single tickets are relatively expensive (see table below). So-called "klippekort" (multifare tickets) are a cheaper way. Klippekort are available for different numbers of travelled zones and are sold at all S-train and Metro stations and at the airport. Often, also the 7-eleven shops or other "kiosks" in or close by S-train stations sell these klippekorts. Before you enter the S-train or Metro, you must validate the klippekort by stamping and clipping it in the respective automata. Busses have clipping machine at the entrance doors.

Klippekorts can be arbitrarily combined with each other. For example, if you stamp one ticket for 3 zones and one for 2 zones, this is good for travelling 5 zones. If you travel with two persons, you can stamp the same card twice. The only thing that matters is that the sum of zones stamped is the sum of zones travelled. You would need to plan a bit in advance on how many trips you will make in order to buy the right combination of klippekort – Copenhagen people would typically always have a klippekort for 2 zones (blue) and 3 zones (yellow) with them.

From the table above, you can probaly make a good guess on which kind or combination of klippekort you need. It would be best, to buy them at the counters at the airport (on the way to the Metro).


Here are the current prices for the different ticket types:

Zones Single ticket Klippekort (10 trips)
2 zones 24 DKK 145 DKK
3 zones 36 DKK 190 DKK
4 zones 48 DKK 240 DKK
5 zones 60 DKK 295 DKK
6 zones 72 DKK 345 DKK

Zones table

In detail, the system defining how many zones you travel between two locations is very tricky (the prices for the same route in the reverse direction might be different). But for the routes that we suggest here and for all direct and convenient routes between all the conference locations, the pricing is relatively straight-forward (and symmetric). You will find the number of zones which you travel (and this way the number of zones to klip and the price) between the different locations relevant for this conference in the table below:

See overview map Airport CPH
Downtown Copenhagen,
Main station,
Kongens Nytorv,
Down town conference hotels
Lyngby st,
Scandic Eremitage
DTU Campus
(see detailed map)
Airport CPH 2 zones 3 zones 5 zones 6 zones
Downtown Copenhagen,
Main station,
Kongens Nytorv,
Down town conference hotels
3 zones 2 zones 4 zones 5 zones
Lyngby st,
Scandic Eremitage
5 zones 4 zones 2 zones 2 zones

If travel other routes, you could consult Rejseplanen (Journey Planner) for finding a connection. The result will not only show the connection; it will also see the number of travelled zones and the price.