Trip Report
UNU-IIST: 20 Years
China: November-December 2012

Dines Bjørner, DTU Informatics

Fredsvej 11, DK-2840 Holte, Danmark

December 24, 2012
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The photo of the UNU-IIST building was taken 26 Nov. 2012.
Note the yellow /black street corner fenders for the Macau Grand Prix.


UNU-IIST was founded 20 years ago. This was celebrated Nov. 30.
I was kindly invited to attend and to deliver a celebratory speech.
To help finance the trip institutions and colleagues at kindly covered substantial parts of the budgeted travel, hotel, local transport and meal expenses.

This document records my visits to three universities, UNU-IIST, the Institute of Software, CAS, the APSEC Conference, Beijing, Macau, Hong Kong and Shanghai, etc., etc.

Dines Bjorner 2012-12-24