PSM - Population Stochastic Modelling


User Guides

  • Package vignette [pdf]

    The vignette gives a short description of PSM along with some examples. It can also be opened from R by writing: vignette("PSM"). The vignette has been written using Sweave and all code examples can thus be extracted from the Sweave-file. More details are found in the vignette.

  • HTML help [html]
    PDF help

    Help files included in PSM. They can also be accesed by writing help(PSM) in R.

  • Slides with overview of PSM [pdf]

    Slides from a course in May 2008 about PK modelling using SDEs. The slides give a short description of how to use PSM using a simple linear model as example.


  • Comparison with NONMEM [pdf]

    The document shows that the likelihood function in PSM is equivalient to the likelihood function in NONMEM for both ODE and SDE models. It also compares the estimates of the random effects (etas) between the two programs. NM_Validation [zip] contains the files used for the validation.

  • Comparison with CTSM [pdf]

    The document shows that the likelihood function in PSM is equivalent to the likelihood function in CTSM for a non-linear model with SDEs. It also shows that the state estimates are identical and that the error estimates of the parameter estimates are very similar.


Klim S, Mortensen SB, Kristensen NR, Overgaard RV and Madsen H (2009), Population stochastic modelling (PSM) - An R package for mixed-effects models based on stochastic differential equations, Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, 94(3), pp. 279-289. [link]

Klim S, Mortensen SB and Madsen H (2008), Linear Mixed Effects models based on Stochastic Differential Equations in R, Annual Meeting of the Population Approach Group in Europe, Marseille, France. [link]

Mortensen SB, Klim S, Dammann B, Kristensen NR, Madsen H and Overgaard RV (2007), A matlab framework for estimation of NLME models using stochastic differential equations - Applications for estimation of insulin secretion rates, Journal of Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics 34(5), pp. 623-642. [link]