02917 Advanced Topics in Embedded Systems (June 2008).

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Supported by ARTIST - Network of Excellence on Embedded Systems Design. Announcement

General topic: Models, analysis and tools for embedded systems. The concrete content of the course will vary from year to year.

This year: The main part will be given by:

Form: The course is this year partitioned into three periods:

  1. First period (16/6 - 20/6): Lectures by Martin Fränzle and lab sessions. Lecture 1, NuSMV assignment Lecture 2, Lecture 3-4, Circuit equivalence assignment, Lecture 5, Lecture 6, Lecture 7, Lecture 8, Task allocation assignment, Lecture 9, Lecture 10

    Course projects:Presentation, Multiprocessor scheduling, Constraint solver

    In the lectures, we will introduce a comprehensive set of state-based models as well as automatic procedures for their analysis. The exercise classes will complement this by providing hands-on experience with appropriate verification tools.
    Keywords: Finite-state systems, computation tree logic (CTL), CTL model checking, symbolic methods, SAT solving, hybrid discrete-continuous automata models, verification by approximation, satisfiability of large arithmetic formulae.

  2. Second period (23/6 - 24/6): Lectures by Jüri Vain on Model-Based Development and Validation of Multirobot Cooperative System. There will be lab sessions as well. Description

    Slides and other material: Lecture 1, Lecture 2, Lecture 3, Lab assignment, Example 1 , Example 2

  3. Third period (25/6 - 11/7): Project work, which might concern be building keypress verification tool yourself within a guided process.
    The students may complete this project at their home institution and hand in the required material no later than July 11, 2008.

Diplomas: Two kinds of diplomas are issued: one kind for completion of the first two periods, and another for successful completion of all three periods, including the project.

Lectures:The lessons takes place in building 321, room 053. First lecture starts Monday, June 16, at 9:00 am.

Responsible Teachers: Michael R. Hansen (mrh@imm.dtu.dk), Jan Madsen (jan@imm.dtu.dk), and Hans Henrik Løvengreen, (hhl@imm.dtu.dk), all Informatics and Mathematical Modelling, Technical University of Denmark.

Registration: Send email to Michael R. Hansen (mrh@imm.dtu.dk) no later than Wednesday, June 4.

Travel grants: There is a limited number of travel grants. To apply for a grant, send email to Michael R. Hansen (mrh@imm.dtu.dk) with personal information (name, affiliation, ph.d. supervisor, title of project, ect. and a budget).

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