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Call for Papers

PDF is available here

The International Symposium on Voronoi Diagrams in Science and Engineering (ISVD) is the premier conference on Voronoi diagrams and their applications to many different scientific and engineering disciplines to solve real-world problems.

Authors are invited to submit papers (up to 10 pages) describing original research related to the following topics:

  • Mathematical aspects of Voronoi diagrams and Delaunay graphs,
  • Generalizations of Voronoi diagrams and Delaunay graph,
  • Algorithms and implementation of Voronoi diagrams/Delaunay graphs,
  • Conceptual and logical data models based on Voronoi diagrams,
  • Terrain modeling and meshes using Delaunay graphs,
  • Visualization, animation and morphing using Voronoi diagrams,
  • Pattern analysis and recognition using Voronoi diagrams,
  • Motion planning, navigation, collision detection and obstacle avoidance using Voronoi diagrams,
  • Network analysis and communi-cation using Voronoi diagrams,
  • Clustering using nearest-neighbor approach and weighted distance function and Voronoi diagram,
  • Computer modeling and simulation using Voronoi diagrams,
  • Spatial and temporal statistics using Voronoi diagrams,
  • Image processing using Voronoi diagrams,
  • Biological, molecular and physical modeling using Voronoi diagrams,
  • Voronoi diagrams in astronomy, bioinformatics, geography, chemistry, material science, renewable energy, location science, solid modeling and operations research.

    Authors are also invited to submit papers (up to 10 pages) describing original research in bioinformatics related to Voronoi diagrams, Delaunay graphs or more generally computational geometry and topology. These papers will be presented at a special session on bioinformatics, which will be held the full day of June 25th, that will be chaired by Associate Professor Thomas Hamelryck, who is the group leader of the Structural Bioinformatics research group in the Bioinformatics Center of the University of Copenhagen. Authors are also invited to submit Voronoi art posters (up to A0 format) or videos exhibiting nice applications of Voronoi diagrams to be presented on June 26th as a special Voronoi art exhibition.

    All submitted papers will be referred for quality, originality and relevance by the International Programme Committee (scientific committee). All submissions will be done online using the EasyChair conference system. A link will be available from the symposium web page.

    All accepted papers will be published in the proceedings of the symposium (with ISBN), to be published by the Conference Publishing Services (CPS). They will be available at a later date than the date of the symposium. Abstracts of the accepted and invited contributions will be available at the Symposium. All papers will be available online. Selected papers (up to 10) will be published in a special issue of the Springer journal "LNCS Transactions on Computational Science".