CIFQ Center for Imaging Food Quality


Project manager

Steering committee

  • Professor, Head of Section, Rasmus Larsen, DTU Compute
  • Professor, Peter Andersen, DTU Fotonik
  • Development Director, Susanne K. Olesen, Danisco, DuPont
  • Research Scientist, Ulf Andersen, Arla Foods Amba
  • Director of Centre, Meat Quality, Susanne Støier, DMRI/Technological Institute
  • Product Development Manager, Carsten Thomsen, NKT Photonics A/S
  • Technical Director, Jens Michael Carstensen, Videometer A/S

Contact person from The Danish Council for Strategic Research

Work Package leaders


  • Postdoc3: Jacob Lercke Skytte and Otto Abildgaard, "Quality inspection of dairy products"
  • Postdoc5: Anders Dahl, "The continuously reconfidurable vision workbench"



List of participants

Center for Imaging Food Quality
Project manager: Rasmus Larsen
Webmaster: Ulla Jensen