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Kaj Madsen

Since 1995 Kaj Madsen has devoted most of his energy to the job as Head of Department at Informatics and Mathematical Modelling at the Technical University of Denmark.

His primary research interest is the development, analysis and application of non-linear optimization algorithms including space mapping techniques and global optimization. Through many years he has collaborated closely with John Bandler and his group at McMaster University in Canada on development of algorithms for optimization of antennas, electrical circuits and electromagnetic filters. Recently the powerful space mapping techniques have been developed. These methods are now widely applied, for instance for optimal antenna design in mobile telephones, and for automotive crashworthiness design – in order to mention two extremes.

Kaj Madsen has been teaching in algorithms and data structures, theory and algorithms for non-linear optimization, data fitting, and interval analysis.

His work has been published in more than 60 international journal papers and 40 papers in reviewed proceedings. Kaj Madsen has contributed to 7 international books and edited 3 special issues of international journals.