Frequency Constrained ShiftCP Modeling of Neuroimaging Data

Morten Mørup, Lars K. Hansen, Kristoffer H. Madsen

AbstractThe shift invariant multi-linear model based on the CandeComp/PARAFAC (CP) model denoted ShiftCP has proven useful for the modeling of latency changes in trial based neuroimaging data (Mørup et al., NeuroImage 2008). In order to facilitate component interpretation we presently extend the shiftCP model such that the extracted components can be constrained to pertain to predefined frequency ranges such as alpha, beta and gamma activity. To infer the number of components in the model we propose to apply automatic relevance determination by imposing priors that define the range of variation of each component of the shiftCP model and learning the hyper-parameters of these priors during model estimation.
TypeConference paper [With referee]
Conferenceinvited paper, Asilomar-SSC
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