02232 - Applied Cryptography, Autumn 2016

General Information

Time: Thursdays 13 - 17
Location: Building 308, Auditorium 11


The objectives of the course are 1) to provide students with a basic understanding of cryptographic algorithms and protocols, and 2) through the study of cryptographic protocols and applications, to provide a background against which the student will be able to assess existing applications of cryptography and develop new protocols and applications that employs cryptography.

Course Format

The overall format of the course is a combination of lectures and project work that will be documented through a report and student seminars.


Lectures will be based on notes, research papers and material available on the web, from the areas of cryptography and networks & distributed systems security.

Project Work

During the course, students will be required to complete a project in applied cryptography. These projects must be completed in small groups (not more than 4 students) and each group will be required to present their work to the other students at an internal workshop towards the end of the course. The project presentation should include the motivation and problem statement of the project, as well as present the proposed solution, its implementation, evaluation and the final conclusions of the project.

Each group must also analyse the solution developed in two other student projects (based on both the report and the workshop presentation) and document their analysis in a second report.

A number of projects have been defined by the lecturers and a maximum of two groups may work on each project topic.

Activity Calendars

Lectures and Internal Workshop

Project Topics