GLOBAN 2006 - The Global Computing Approach to Analysis of Systems

International Summer School at DTU, August 21-25, 2006

Registration is now closed

The school is open to PhD students and junior researchers who recently received their PhD.

The deadline for registering for GLOBAN is 1 May 2006. We may have to limit the number of participants; all registrants will receive notice of acceptance or non-acceptance by 17 May.

Fees and grants

The participation fee is EUR 150. This covers course materials, lunches, and a social excursion with a banquet. Participants must make their own arrangements for accommodation, breakfast and dinners.

A fair amount of grants are available. Most grants will be either full or partial reimbursements of accommodation expenses. In case of particular hardship, or if it will be more difficult for you to obtain local funding for other kinds of expenses, grants for travel or for the registration fee are also possible.

As a general rule, grant money will only be paid to refund documented and already paid expenses, so grant recipients must be prepared to lay out cash for the grant-covered expenses.

To apply for a grant, answer "yes" in the appropriate field of the registration form, and have your supervisor explain in his recommendation letter why you need the grant.

Registration form

There are two steps in registering for GLOBAN.

  1. Download the registration form, complete it in a text editor and send it by email to globan@imm.dtu.dk with subject line "GLOBAN registration".
  2. Have your PhD supervisor write a letter of recommendation and send it to us separately. (See below for guidelines on contents of the recommendation letter).

Both of these steps must be completed by 1 May 2006.

Visa information

Citizens of many countries outside the European Union and North America need a visa to enter Denmark. If necessary, you must apply for a visa at a Danish diplomatic representation yourself. Beware that processing an application can take months, and we have no way of influencing the processing time.

We can provide you with an official letter that confirms your registration for GLOBAN and explains how sure we are that you are a bona fide student with a legitimate scientific reason to attend the scool. We will not provide invitation letters unless you and your supervisor can convince us of this!

Also note that no invitation letter will be sent until we have received your registration fee by bank transfer. (For the same reason, registration-fee grants are not available to those who need an invitation letter).

Instructions for supervisors

We ask you to provide a letter of reference for students who register for the GLOBAN summer school. We will use your information for three purposes:

  1. In the case that we need to limit the number of participants, recommendations will help us decide whom to accept. Please explain why this student is likely to benefit from participating in the school.
  2. For students who apply for grants, we need information about their local funding situation and why a grant is needed. We expect to be able to give some kind of grant to many applicants, but of course we need to be reasonably sure that the money is well spent. If more than one type of grant is applied for, we'll need specific arguments for the necessity.
  3. For students who need a visa invitation letter, we need to establish their status as actual serious students.

Please beware that we of course need to convince ourselves that you (the supervisor) is real, too. If we cannot establish your reputation easily (say, by a publication search, or in the faculty directory of a well-known institution), it might be wise to let a more senior faculty member write the recommendation, even if he/she is not the formal PhD supervisor of the student. (Naturally, we expect such a situation to be explained in the letter).

We expect the recommendation letter to be a single page on university letterhead and to include a signature. You can send it either by fax to +45 45 93 00 74 (att: Hanne Riis Nielson), as a PDF file emailed to globan@imm.dtu.dk, or as paper mail to

Hanne Riis Nielson
Department of Informatics and Mathematical Modelling
Richard Petersens Plads
DTU, building 321
2800 Lyngby

In the latter case, please allow sufficient time for your letter to reach us before 1 May.

Contact: globan@imm.dtu.dk