GLOBAN 2006 - The Global Computing Approach to Analysis of Systems

International Summer School at DTU, August 21-25, 2006

Accommodation and living

Participants in the summer school should arrange their own accomodation.

There are relatively few accommodation options near DTU, but many hotels in central Copenhagen. Typical room prices are around or a bit below DKK 1000 a night, but with a bit of searching one can usually find places as cheap as around DKK 500 a night; for example at Danhostel right in the center of the city. Prices at bed and breakfasts are often even lower (DKK 300-400), but availablility and quality is a matter of luck.

Here are some links to hotel lists on the net:

Other expenses

Dinner costs may range from DKK 50 for a fast-food combo to DKK 200 for a reasonable but not extravagant restaurant dinner.

If you stay in central Copenhagen you will also need to budget for bus tickets between the city center and DTU; a "five-zones" ticket strip for 10 one-way journeys costs DKK 250.

Contact: globan@imm.dtu.dk