Oline Vinter Olesen

Merger of Computer Vision and Medical Imaging

Senior Researcher & Project Manager

Commercialization project - TracInnovations

The vision is to improve image based diagnostics and treatments by providing high quality motion tracking and correction to the clinic.


A computer vision motion tracker for patient registration is combined with 3D medical scanning for optimized imaging without compromising clinical workflow. This will be particularly useful for scanning of children, dementia patients, and for precise radio-therapeutic planning.

Our current prototype (Tracoline 2.0) with user-friendly software package (TracSuite) has been demonstrated in clinic for MRI and PET brain motion correction. The methods have the potential to be integrated as "a push of a button solution" fulfilling the clinical requirements.


TracInnovations is a spin out project from DTU Compute in the Section for Image Analysis and Computer Graphics headed. The image group has leading activities in computer vision and medical image analysis.

Our methods are demonstrated and applied in close collaboration with the Department of Clinical Physiology and Nuclear Medicine and PET, Rigshospitalet. The department has outstanding scanner facilities and has world leading programs for development of radionuclide tracers for brain PET imaging allowing for a precise brain tumor delineation.
Rigshospitalet offers a perfect environment for translational medicine, by mixing researchers in medical image analysis with the medical doctors who are the final subscribers to the developed methods.

Advisory Board

Head of Institute, Professor, Rasmus Larsen, DTU Compute
Chief physician, Professor, MD, Ian Law, Rigshospitalet
Division Director, Bjarne Roed, Siemens Healthcare Denmark

Oline Vinter Olesen ovol@dtu.dk
DTU Compute, 2015