Standalone software for for detecting changes in SAR and optical images

Behnaz Pirzamanbein, Allan Aasbjerg Nielsen

AbstractChange detection is an important application in remote sensing earth observation which leads to identification of significant environmental events, forest and agricultural land monitoring. In this paper, we introduce a standalone software for two well-known change detection methods, omnibus test and iteratively re-weighted multivariate alteration detection (IR-MAD). Omnibus test deals with synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data and detects changes based on computing a sequence of test statistics of covariance matrices and IR-MAD computes the changes between two time points of optical data. Given the availability of earth observation data from different sources and in large amount, the important role of a free software which can deal with big data is apparent.
TypeConference paper [With referee]
ConferenceESA Conference on Big Data from Space (BiDS)
Year2019    Month February    pp. 205-208
AddressMunich, Germany
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IMM Group(s)Image Analysis & Computer Graphics