English Language Speech Database for Speaker Recognition

Recording Equipment

The equipment for recording is MARANTZ PMD670 portable solid state recorder. PMD670 can record in a variety of compression algorithm, associated bit rate, file format, and recording type (channels recorded) parameters. It supports two kinds of recording format: compressed recording, which includes MP2 and MP3; uncompressed recording, which includes linear pulse code modulation (PCM). The recording type can be stereo, mono or digital, and the file can be recorded into .wav .bwf .mpg or .mp3 format. In this database, the voice messages were recorded into the most commonly used file type-.wav (PCM). The sampling frequency is chosen 16 kHz with a bit rate of 16. Table below shows the initial setup for the recorder, for further details see the PMD670 user guide. Subjects were recorded in a single session, and new sessions will be recorded as an extension of this database, and will be announced soon.