English Language Speech Database for Speaker Recognition


English language speech database for speaker recognition, ELSDSR, corpus of read speech has been designed to provide speech data for the development and evaluation of automatic speaker recognition system. ELSDSR corpus design was a joint effort of the faculty, Ph. D students and Master students from the department of Informatics and mathematical modelling, Technical University of Denmark (DTU). The speech language is English, and spoken by 20 Danes, one Icelander and one Canadian. It was designed and recorded in building 321, and was distributed among DTU Informatics as a first preliminary version in 2004.


The intention of creating this database is to get rich voice messages from a small group of speakers resident in Denmark. Most of them are non-native speakers of English. This database has been evaluated in a Master project for speaker identificaiton in text-independent and closed-set conditions [1], and several other projects, see here


Please remember to cite us in any work you produce from this database or information in this website. We rely on you to advertise ELSDSR for the benefit of other researchers.


[1] Feng, L., Speaker Recognition, Informatics and Mathematical Modelling, Technical University of Denmark, DTU, 2004.