Visionday Posters

The guidelines for poster contribution can be found below together with the list of registered posters. This page will be continuously updated until the venue starts.

Poster chairman:
Jacob Lercke Skytte
jlsk 'at'
Building 321, room 223
(+45) 4525 3432

All submitted posters must follow these guidelines

  1. The poster must be in A0 format.

  2. Posters are registered for a particular Visionday (medical, industrial, graphical) and participate in the poster competition on that day.

  3. If you participate with a poster, please indicate this during registration and notify the poster chairman by email. Please supply information regarding:

    • All authors.
    • Poster title.
    • Which day it should be registered for.

  4. The following should be sent to the poster chairman no later than May 4th at 9am.:

    • An electronic version of the poster (pdf).
    • A small poster teaser in form of a short PowerPoint or OpenOffice slideshow (max. two slides).
      The teaser should contain:
      • title,
      • authors,
      • one or two figures,
      • and a short text.
    • In the teaser session a representative from each poster should do a brief presentation (~1 min.) of the poster based on the submitted teaser.

  5. Simply bring your poster(s) when you arrive at the conference (DTU students will get their posters printed automatically, if the electronic version is handed in before the above deadline).

  6. Posters will be exhibited until the end of the conference.

Two poster templates can be found here; portrait.ppt and landscape.ppt.

Industrial Visionday

  1. Johan Musaeus Bruun
    Classification of Parasite Eggs used as an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) [download]
  2. Jacob S. Vestergaard
    POSTER PRIZE WINNER Improved Nowcasting of Heavy Precipitation Using Staellite and Weather Radar Data [download]
  3. Otto H. A. Nielsen
    Development of Subsurface Laser Scattering Techniques for Measuring Optical Parameters of Food Products [download]
  4. Faisal Kamran
    Non-contact Assessment of the Food Quality Using Optical Imaging Methods [download]
  5. Jonathan Dyssel Stets
    3D Surface Scanner Using Structured Light & Industrial Robot [download]

Medical Visionday

  1. Henrik Mygind
    POSTER PRIZE WINNERMelanoma Detection and Classification of Birthmarks using Neural Networks and Genetic Programming [download]
  2. Josephine Jensen and Cecilie Anker
    Abdominal Segmentation of Adipose Tissue Using Graph Cuts [download]
  3. Angel Diego Cuado Alonso
    Improvement of MRI Brain Segmentation [download]
  4. Martin Lyngby Lassen
    Noise Estimation in PET Images [download]
  5. Nicolas Tiaki Otsu
    Shape Analysis of Brain Structures [download]
  6. Anne-Sofie Wessel Lindberg and Sermin Dzaferov
    Maturational Changes in Subcortial Structures in Children [download]
  7. Aslak Søgaard and Søren Bohøj
    Image Registration of Corpus Callosum [download]

Graphical Visionday

  1. Asger Nyman Christiansen and Jakob Andreas Bærentzen
    Grammar for General Purpose Procedural Modeling [download]
  2. Olivier Rouiller and Jakob Andreas Bærentzen
    POSTER PRIZE WINNER Real Time Ray Tracing of Skeletal Implicit Surfaces [download]
  3. Rama C. Hoetzlein
    Efficient Procedural Modeling of Dynamic Systems [download]


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