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Computer Graphics
Friday June 13, 2003

This year, a day has been added to the DTU Vision Days. This day will be devoted to Computer Graphics. The Graphics Day will focus on Game Technology and the research of the group.
The Vision Days have ended. We hope you liked them. Some digital photos from the computer graphics day have been made available here. The slides have or will be made available from this page (see below) for as many speakers as possible.

Practical Information

The event takes place in building 308


0800 Registration, Exhibition, Demonstrations, Coffee, and Rolls

0900 Welcome and Introduction.
Professor Knut Conradsen, IMM, DTU
0910 A Soft Shadow Volume Algorithm and its Hardware Implications

0955 Coffee, exhibition, demonstrations

1010 Tools & Middleware : The making of Bukkazoom
Simon Mogensen, ITE
(slides: pdf ppt)
1030 Physically-based Animation as Used in the Computer Game Hitman

1105 Coffee, exhibition, demonstrations

1120 Using RenderWare Graphics in Prototyping and Producing Console Games
1155 IGDA Presentation,

1200 Lunch, exhibition, demonstrations

1335 An Application Specific Reconfigurable Graphics Processor
1355 The Design and Implementation Methodology for ATI's Hardware
1415 Coffee, exhibition, demonstrations

1430 Optimizing for DirectX,
1515 Soft Shadows
Kim S. Petersen & Bjarke Jakobsen,
(slides: pdf ppt)
1525 Coffee, exhibition, demonstrations

1540 Stereoscopic Rendering in Real-time Using ColorCode 3D
1550 Point Rendering
1600 Real-Time Global Illumination
1610 Introduction to High-Level Shading Language,
1635 Coffee, exhibition, demonstrations

1650 Demo Session: Real Time Posters

1755 Light Supper

2000 The Movie TRON

We reserve the right to make minor adjustments to the program

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