Best-effort Support for a Virtual Seminar Room

Robin Sharp, Edward Todirica

AbstractThis paper describes the RTMM Virtual Seminar Room, an interactive
distributed multimedia application based on a platform with a simple
middleware architecture, using best effort scheduling and a best
effort network service. Emphasis has been placed on achieving low
latency in all parts of the software system, so that as large a
margin as possible is available for the transfer of data through the
network. This approach gives good user acceptability for the transfer
of audio and video over distances of several hundred kilometers
within the high-bandwidth Danish Research Network. The design of
central parts of the system is presented, and the performance
offered by this approach is discussed.
KeywordsTeleconferencing, Distributed systems, Operating system performance
TypeConference paper [With referee]
ConferenceACM Multimedia '02, Juan les Pins, France
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IMM Group(s)Computer Science & Engineering

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