Linking ImageNet WordNet Synsets with Wikidata

Finn Årup Nielsen

AbstractThe linkage of ImageNet WordNet synsets to Wikidata items will leverage deep learning algorithm with access to a rich multilingual knowledge graph. Here I will describe our on-going efforts in linking the two resources and issues faced in matching the Wikidata and WordNet knowledge graphs. I show an example on how the linkage can be used in a deep learning setting with real-time image classification and labeling in a non-English language and discuss what opportunities lies ahead.
KeywordsWikidata; ImageNet; WordNet; ontology alignment; machine learning
TypeConference paper [With referee]
ConferenceWiki Workshop 2018
Year2018    Month April
PublisherDepartment of Applied Mathmatics and Computer Science, Technical University of Denmark
AddressBuilding 321, DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby
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IMM Group(s)Intelligent Signal Processing

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