Open Science intelligent wikis - project description

Finn Årup Nielsen

AbstractWikis have proliferated in knowledge-based organizations filling a need for quick easy online collaboration. However, their ability to manipulate numeric data is strikingly limited. To explore this aspect this project will construct intelligent wikis. As well as textual information such wikis can represent structured information, make queries, perform numerical computations, make numerical-based visualization and export data in a variety of formats.

Initially we will apply such wikis in neuroscience. This field provides sufficiently complex, dynamic and public data for exploring the utility of the approach. Our first aim is to develop a system that enables online collaborative meta-analysis of neuroscience data, while the goal is a general system for collaborative interaction with both numerical data and textural information. The project will build extraction tools to populate databases as well as build ontologies to organize the data.

The project will build on an already established framework for databasing of functional and molecular neuroimaging, but extend it with Web 2.0 services allowing researchers to upload result data from within image analysis programs, perform online meta-analyses and browse the spatial data in three dimensional visualizations. An API will be constructed enabling third party applications to download and manipulate the data. The focus is on Open Science where (paraphrasing Michael Nielsen) scientific knowledge, with its data and methods, is shared as early as possible in the discovery process.
Keywordsopen science, wiki, neuroscience
TypeMisc [Other]
Year2011    Month August
PublisherDepartment of Applied Mathmatics and Computer Science, Technical University of Denmark
AddressBuilding 321, DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby
NoteProject description for an unsuccessful grant application sent Villum Foundation
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