Data for Independent Component Analysis for Understanding Multimedia Content

Thomas Kolenda, Lars Kai Hansen, Jan Larsen, Ole Winther

AbstractMultimedia data set of images and text from webpages. Any use, please cite T. Kolenda, L.K. Hansen, J. Larsen and O. Winther: “Independent Component Analysis for Understanding Multimedia Content,” in H. Bourlard, T. Adali, S. Bengio, J. Larsen, and S. Douglas (eds.) Proceedings of IEEE Workshop on Neural Networks for Signal Processing XII Matigny, Valais, Switzerland, Sept. 4–6, 2002, pp. 757–766.
KeywordsICA multimedia data
TypeMisc [Other]
Year2002    Month September
NoteData used in publication which should be referenced
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IMM Group(s)Intelligent Signal Processing

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