Designing a Context-Aware Campus Area Gaming Environment for Mobile Platforms

Andrii Sereda

AbstractGeneration of people author of this thesis belongs to is one of the first generations that mature together with the industry of computer games. Computer games have already become a significant part of our lives and different game-worlds continue merging with reality. Different aspects of computer game-mechanics and game-elements are something that is mastered since young age. This generation author of this thesis belongs to was maturing in a merged digital-analog reality that penetrates all aspects of day-to-day activities in a modern digitized world. However, younger generations are already born in this world. This new reality (or realities) that is being created for them now, will be the only reality they will know from their birth. Most of kids that will be born in big developed European, American, Asian and African cities will never know a reality without computer-games.
This thesis is describing one particular kind of modern computer games, appearance of which is closely related with development of portable mobile communication devices. This thesis is dealing with what have been identified as “pervasive games”. Investigation and analysis of reasons behind their appearance, popularization is made. Different trends within classical game-development and theory of classical game-design are investigated to establish similarities and differences, challenges and solutions this newly emerged type of games is introducing.
Knowledge presented in theoretical sections is used to design, develop, deploy and test a game-environment for mobile platforms that is adjusted for campus area.
This designed game-environment consists of two essential components: Front-End, which is represented by Android mobile application and Back-End server logic. Both of components were designed, tested and implemented. Designed game-environment received a name “DTU GoblinsNGold and has been launched. It is made available publicly worldwide through Google Play market.
All of these aspects and milestones are described in details inside practical part of this thesis.
During game-environment testing valuable data was received that described all aspects of functionality of implemented system together with behavioral patterns of players. These results of deployment together with conclusions are presented in later sections.
TypeMaster's thesis [Academic thesis]
PublisherTechnical University of Denmark, DTU Compute, E-mail:
AddressMatematiktorvet, Building 303-B, DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark
NoteDTU supervisors: Jakob Eg Larsen and Sune Lehmann Jørgensen, DTU Compute
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IMM Group(s)Intelligent Signal Processing

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