Get mobile - The Smartphone Brain Scanner

Carsten Stahlhut, Arkadiusz Stopczynski, Michael Kai Petersen, Jakob Eg Larsen, Lars Kai Hansen

AbstractThis demonstration will provide live-interaction with a smartphone brain scanner consisting of a low-cost wireless 14-channel EEG headset (Emotiv Epoc) and a mobile device. With our system it is possible to perform real-time functional brain imaging on a smartphone device, including stimulus delivery, data acquisition, logging, brain state decoding, and 3D visualization of the cortical EEG sources. Implementation of the smartphone brain scanner is based on the Qt framework and benefits from the cross-platform support of multiple hardware platforms (smartphones, tablet devices, netbooks and PCs) that are based on Linux operating systems. Thus our system runs on multiple platforms, including Maemo/MeeGo based smartphones, Android-based smartphones and tablet devices.
Keywordswireless EEG, smartphone, real-time
Journal/Book/ConferenceIEEE EMC/CAS/SMC Workshop on Brain Machine-Body Interface (BMBI)
Year2012    Month August    pp. 1
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IMM Group(s)Intelligent Signal Processing

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