International Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal Processing (MLSP) 2011

Editor(s): Tieniu Tan, Shigeru Katagiri, Jianhua Tao, Atsushi Nakamura, Jan Larsen

AbstractThe 21st IEEE International Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal Processing will be held in Beijing, China, on September 18-21, 2011. The workshop series is the major annual technical event of the IEEE Signal Processing Society's Technical Committee on Machine Learning for Signal Processing. This year the workshop is held in the National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition (NLPR), Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
We received 134 submissions. A total of 96 have been accepted and are included in the proceedings, with 35 as oral presentations and 60 as posters. In addition to these, there is also a report on the Face Recognition competition and a paper from the top performer. Popular topics in this year's programme include dimensionality reduction, information visualization, neuro-informatics, non-negative matrix factorization, kernels, Gaussian processes and dynamical state-space models. There are also papers on signal, image, video, and sensory data processing.
Highlights of this year's programme include the four keynote talks, a special session and the Face Recognition competition. We would like to thank the distinguished keynote speakers for their talks: Biing-Hwang (Fred) Juang from Georgia Institute of Technology, Takashi Matsumoto from Waseda University, Yimin Zhang from Intel Labs China and Kunio Kashino from NTT Communication Science Laboratories. The special session on Reading the Future in Machine Learning organized by Hideyuki Watanabe consists of contributed talks as well as invited talks by Seiichi Uchida from Kyushu University, Hideyuki Watanabe from NICT, Ilseo Kim from Georgia Institute of Technology, Jingnian Chen from National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition and Qiang Huo from Microsoft Research Asia. The open competition on Face Recognition was a great success, with 68 participants. There is a separate article on the competition in the proceedings. We thank the competition organizers, Drs. Zhenan Sun, Vince Calhoun and Kenneth Hild for their productive efforts.
Finally, we would like to thank the Program Committee for their hard work for getting an excellent set of papers selected to the conference. Last but not least, the whole conference would not have been possible without the excellent and professional work of the Organizing Committee, including the Publicity Chairs Marc Van Hulle, Yiqiang Chen and Feng Tian, the Publication Chair Jan Larsen and JinAn Xu, the Financial Chair Kaiqi Huang, and the many volunteers from the National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition. In particular we wish to thank the sponsors Intel and Dolby for their generous support.
Keywordsmachine learning, signal processing
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Year2011    Month September
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