Observing Mobile Media Player Application Use in Context using Embedded and Virtual Sensors

Jakob Eg Larsen, Michael Kai Petersen, Nima Zandi, Rasmus Handler

AbstractThis paper presents a study of mobile phone use based on contextual data acquired from multiple embedded mobile phone sensors. Contextual information was obtained from 7 mobile phone users during two weeks of daily use that included using the built-in media player for music playback. Our initial findings demonstrate that such “in-the-wild” studies can provide new insights on the mobile user experience and application use in context. Based on these insights we discuss how contextual information can be used to shape new types of context-aware mobile user interfaces and interaction. In the present case the focus is music recommendation interfaces involving contextual parameters, but we suggest that the approach is useful in other application domains to obtain insights useful for the design of mobile applications and user interfaces.
KeywordsMobile phone use, context-awareness, context, sensors, media, music, recommendation systems
TypeJournal paper [With referee]
JournalWi: Journal of Mobile Media
Year2011    Month April
Publication linkhttp://wi.hexagram.ca/?p=68/?article2pdf=1
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IMM Group(s)Intelligent Signal Processing

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