The context-aware phonebook

Bo Stendal Sørensen

AbstractIn this thesis we describe a new context-aware phonebook which enables the
user to reach popular contacts easier.

The outcome of the analysis in this thesis is an application which display con-
tacts based on the level of communication. Both call logs, text messages and
Twitter messages has been used to rank the contacts.

Retrieval of ranking-data (eg. call logs, text messages and Twitter messages) has been implemented in services on the Android platform. This makes it possible to extend the application with more data. Other developers are also able to reuse the services for other applications.

The phonebook application not only displays contacts based on their rank. It
is also possible to see the full communication log from which the rank was
calculated. The ranking score is reset every week and the old score is viewable when you browse back in time.

Statistics from a small survey has been used to estimate how each communication method should rank. Based on the statistics it was found that calls and text message should rank significantly higher than Twitter messages.
Keywordsphonebook, context, context-awareness, mobile, ranking
TypeBachelor thesis [Academic thesis]
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IMM Group(s)Intelligent Signal Processing

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