Mobile Users : Comparing Trends in Denmark and Britain

Jakob Eg Larsen, Kristian Kristensen, Reuben Edwards, Poul Coulton

AbstractIn this paper, we describe trends in mobile phone use in Denmark
and Britain based on observations of information publically
broadcast by Bluetooth-active devices in two environments with a
mainly 18-25 year-old demographic. The study is based on more
than 25000 unique devices found based on almost 500000 data
points collected at the Roskilde Festival and at the Lancaster
University campus to provide a snapshot of mobile phone use
amongst the age group. It is found that the collected data varies
from data on market share, suggesting the need to study particular
groups separately when studying trends in the market. We find
that discoverable Bluetooth devices can provide such insights into
trends of use of mobile devices in the wild.
KeywordsMobile phones, users, usage, trends
TypeConference paper [With referee]
ConferenceFuture Mobile Experiences, next generation mobile interaction and contextualization workshop at NordiCHI 2008
Year2008    Month October
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IMM Group(s)Intelligent Signal Processing

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