BredeQuery plugin for SPM5

Bartlomiej Wilkowski

AbstractBredeQuery plugin for SPM5 - enables coordinate-based meta-analytic search of related literature for brain regions directly from SPM5 environment. The coordinate-based search is performed using Finn Aarup Nielsen's Brede Database. Works with coordinates in Talairach and MNI space, MNI-to-Talairach transformations are available (Brett and Lancaster transformations). Moreover, query results can be exported automatically to the suitable bibliographic file format (BibTeX, Reference Manager, RefWorks, EndNote).
KeywordsSPM, fMRI, PET, neuroinformatics, Talairach, MNI, brain region, brain function, brain activity, article retrieval, coordinate-based search, bibtex, Brede Database, ontology
Year2009    Month March
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IMM Group(s)Intelligent Signal Processing

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