MIAWARE SOFTWARE - 3D Medical Image Analysis with Automated Reporting Engine and Ontology-based Search

Bartlomiej Wilkowski, Oscar Pereira, Paulo Dias, Miguel Castro, Marcin Janicki

AbstractThis article presents MIAWARE, a software for Medical Image Analysis With Automated Reporting Engine,
which was designed and developed for doctor/radiologist assistance. It allows to analyze an image stack from
computed axial tomography scan of lungs (thorax) and, at the same time, to mark all pathologies on images
and report their characteristics. The reporting process is normalized - radiologists cannot describe pathological
changes with their own words, but can only use some terms from a specific vocabulary set provided by the software.
Consequently, a normalized radiological report is automatically generated. Furthermore, MIAWARE
software is accompanied with an intelligent search engine for medical reports, based on the relations between
parts of the lungs. A logical structure of the lungs is introduced to the search algorithm through the specially
developed ontology. As a result, a deductive report search was obtained, which may be helpful for doctors
while diagnosing patients' cases. Finally, the MIAWARE software can be considered also as a teaching tool
for future radiologists and physicians.
KeywordsComputed axial tomography, Ontology, Radiological report, Image visualization
TypeConference paper [With referee]
ConferenceHEALTHINF 2008
EditorsProceedings of the First International Conference on Health Informatics
Year2008    Month January    Vol. 2    pp. 201-206
PublisherINSTICC Press
ISBN / ISSN978-989-8111-16-6
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Publication linkhttp://www.healthinf.org
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IMM Group(s)Intelligent Signal Processing

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