Effects of Spatial Normalization on Detection of Perirhinal Cortex Activation in Individual Subjects Using fMRI

Thomas Z. Rams°y, Torben E. Lund, Matthew G. Liptrot, Karam Sidaros, Mark S. Christensen, Finn ┼rup Nielsen, Olaf B. Paulson, Terry L. Jernigan

TypeConference paper [Abstract]
ConferenceAlzheimer's Assocation International Conference on Prevention of Dementia, 2005 June 18-21, Washington, D.C.
Year2005    Month May
Publication linkhttp://abstractsonline.com/viewer/viewAbstractPrintFriendly.asp?CKey={2A4283D9-411B-47A3-BE45-AAFA031E97F4}&SKey={3EBFD6E2-F999-406F-94D5-865670A57027}&MKey={9B328B2B-C709-4EBB-B255-EED73B2A26BF}&AKey={50E1744A-0C52-45B2-BF85-2A798BF24E02}
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