Modeling Text using State Space Models

Rasmus Elsborg Madsen

AbstractGeneric “bag-of-words” text categorization methods are only based on
the information contained in word count histograms. These methods
does therefore not capture the information contained in the order in which
the words appear in a document. We here consider models that is acting
on both parts of information at the same time, that is the information
about what words appear and in what order they appear. State-space
models has the ability to capture information from the order in which
the words appear, and combine it with the word appearance probabilities.
The state-space models should therefore conceptually super-seed
the bag-of-words/vector-space models, in ability to model documents
correctly. In the following we experiment with two state space model
approaches, for making categorization better.
KeywordsState space, Hidden Markov Model, Text Mining, HMM, LSI, GMM
TypeTechnical report
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IMM Group(s)Intelligent Signal Processing

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