A Level Set Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Free Surface Flows

Jesper Grooss, Jan S. Hesthaven

AbstractWe present a discontinuous Galerkin method on a fully unstructured
grid for the modeling of unsteady incompressible fluid flows with free surfaces. The surface is modeled by embedding and represented by a levelset. We discuss the discretization of the flow equations and the level set equation as well a various ways of advancing the equations in time using velocity projection techniques. The efficacy of the method for the representation of the levelset and its reinitialization is discussed and several numerical tests confirm the robustness and versatility of the proposed scheme.
TypeJournal paper [With referee]
JournalComputer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering
Year2006    Vol. 195    No. 25-28    pp. 3406-3429
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IMM Group(s)Scientific Computing

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