Using Mixture of Gaussians to Compare Approaches to Signal Separation

Kaare Brandt Petersen

AbstractSignal separation techniques come in countless different types and
variants. Often many of these belong to certain subset of
techniques such as Independent Component Analysis (ICA), but even
within such a subset it can be hard or impossible to compare the
different approaches.

In this paper is an example of how such different approaches to
separation can be compared using Mixtures of Gaussians as a prior
distribution. This not only illuminates some interesting
properties of Maximum Likelihood and Energy Based Models, but is
also an example of how Mixtures of Gaussians can serve as a both
flexible and analytically tractable family of distributions.
KeywordsICA, Overcomplete, Mixture of Gaussians, Energy Based Models
TypeConference paper [Without referee]
Year2004    Month August
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IMM Group(s)Intelligent Signal Processing

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