On the implementation of fast marching methods for 3D lattices

AbstractThis technical report discusses Sethian's Fast Marching Method and its higher accuracy variant. Both methods may be used to compute the arrival times at the points of a discrete lattice of a front which is monotonously expanding. Applications of the method include arrival time computation and the construction of distance fields for 2D or 3D objects.

The main aim of this report is to supplement the available papers with a practical guide to the implementation of the method. Through a simple example the Fast Marching Method and its high accuracy variant are compared with regard to speed and precision.
KeywordsFast Marching Methods, Eikonal Equation, Distance Fields
TypeTechnical report
PublisherInformatics and Mathematical Modelling, Technical University of Denmark, DTU
AddressRichard Petersens Plads, Building 321, DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby
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