Personal Informatics in Practice: Improving Quality of Life Through Data

Ian Li, Yevgeniy Medynski, Jon Froehlich, Jakob Eg Larsen

AbstractPersonal informatics refers to a class of software and hardware systems that help individuals collect personal information to improve self-understanding. Improving self-understanding can foster self-insight and promote positive behaviors: healthy living, energy conservation, etc. The development of personal informatics applications poses new challenges for human-computer interaction and creates opportunities for applications in various domains related to quality of life, such as fitness, nutrition, wellness, mental health, and sustainability. This workshop will continue the conversations from the CHI 2010 and CHI 2011 workshops on personal informatics [6][7]. The focal themes for this workshop are: (1) practical lessons from previous research and development experiences that can guide interface design for systems that allow users to collect and reflect on personal data; (2) requirements for building robust personal informatics applications; and (3) design and development of infrastructures that make personal informatics applications easier to create and evaluate.
KeywordsPersonal informatics, quantified self, reflection, awareness, behavior, life logging, visualizations
TypeConference paper [With referee]
ConferenceCHI 2012
Year2012    Month May
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IMM Group(s)Intelligent Signal Processing