A fielded wiki for personality genetics

AbstractI describe a fielded wiki, where a Web form interface allows the entry, analysis and visualization of results from scientific papers in the personality genetics domain. Papers in this domain typically report the mean and standard deviation of multiple personality trait scores from statistics on human subjects grouped based on genotype. The wiki organizes the basic data in a single table with fixed columns, each row recording statistical values with respect to a specific personality trait reported in a specific paper with a specific genotype group. From this basic data hard-coded meta-analysis can compute individual and combined effect sizes. The meta-analytic results are displayed in on-the-fly computed hyperlinked graphs and tables. Revision control on the basic data tracks changes and data may be exported to comma-separated files or in a MediaWiki template format.
Keywordswiki, personality, genetics, bioinformatics, neuroinformatics, meta-analysis
TypeConference paper [With referee]
Year2010    Month March
PublisherInformatics and Mathematical Modelling, Technical University of Denmark
AddressRichard Petersens Plads, Building 321, DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby
ISBN / ISSN978-1-4503-0056-8
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