Using mobile phone contextual information to facilitate managing image collections

Jakob Eg Larsen, Maciej Luniewski

AbstractIn this paper, we describe a prototype application that utilizes the embedded sensors in advanced mobile phones to infer meaningful contextual information, with the potential to support the users in managing their personal information. Contextual information such as time, location, movement, surrounding networks, devices, people, and application data is used to semi-automatically annotate information in our current proof-of-concept prototype. The application allows the derived contextual information to be annotated as tags to available content and thereby facilitating the processes involved in personal information management. We hypothesize that information inferred from embedded mobile phone sensors can offer useful contextual information for managing personal information, including the domain of interest here, namely image collections. This has potential for individuals as well as groups managing shared image collections or other types of information.
TypeConference paper [With referee]
ConferencePIM 2009 : Personal information intersections: What happens when PIM spaces overlap?
Year2009    Month November    pp. 73-75
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IMM Group(s)Intelligent Signal Processing