Active Evaluation Contexts for Reaction Semantics

Henrik Pilegaard, Flemming Nielson, Hanne Riis Nielson

AbstractIn the context of process algebras it is customary to define
semantics in the form of a reaction relation supported by a
structural congruence relation. Recently process algebras have grown
more expressive in order to meet the modelling demands of fields as
diverse as business modelling and systems biology. This leads to
combining various features, such as general choice and parallelism
that were previously studied separately, and it often becomes
difficult to define the reaction semantics. We present a general
approach based on \emph{active evaluation contexts} that allows the
reaction semantics to be easily constructed.
KeywordsStructural Operational Semantics, Reaction Semantics, Process Algebra, General Choice, Calculus of Communicating Systems, BioAmbients.
TypeConference paper [With referee]
ConferenceProceedings of Structural Operational Semantics 2006
EditorsRob van Glabbeek and Peter D. Mosses
SeriesEletronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science
ISBN / ISSN1571-0661
NoteTo appear
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