Editor(s): Jack Dongarra, Kaj Madsen, Jerzy Wasniewski

AbstractThis meeting in the series, the PARA'04 Workshop with the title ``State
of the Art in Scientific Computing'', was held in Lyngby, Denmark, June 20-23, 2004. The PARA'04 Workshop was organized by Jack Dongarra from the University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and Kaj Madsen and Jerzy Wa{\'{s}}niewski from the Technical University of Denmark. The emphasis here was shifted to High-Performance Computing (HPC). The ongoing development of ever more advanced computers provides the potential for solving increasingly difficult computational problems. However, given the complexity of modern computer architectures, the task of realizing this potential needs
careful attention. For example, the failure to exploit a computer's memory
hierarchy can degrade performance badly. A main concern of HPC is the
development of software that optimizes the performance of a given computer.

The high cost of state-of-the-art computers can be prohibitive for many workplaces, especially if there is only an occasional need for HPC. A
solution to this problem can be network computing, where remote computing
facilities are exploited via the internet.
KeywordsComputer Science, Parallel Computing, Numerical Analysis, Linear Algebra
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Book titlePARA04 Workshop, Lyngby, Denmark, June 20 - 23, 2004
Year2006    No. 3732
SeriesLecture Notes in Computer Science
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