Towards a Rigorous Formulation of the Space Mapping Technique for Engineering Design

Slawek Koziel, John W. Bandler, Kaj Madsen

AbstractThis paper deals with the Space Mapping (SM) approach to engineering design optimization. We attempt here a theoretical justification of methods that have already proven efficient in solving practical problems, especially in the RF and microwave area. A formal definition of optimization algorithms using surrogate models based on SM technology is given. Convergence conditions for the chosen subclass of algorithms are discussed and explained using a synthetic example, the so-called generalized cheese-cutting problem. An illustrative, circuit-theory based example is also considered.
Keywordsoptimization, space mapping, surrogate models
TypeConference paper [With referee]
ConferenceInt. Symp. Circuits, Syst. ISCAS (Kobe, Japan)
Year2005    Month June    pp. 5605-5608
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IMM Group(s)Scientific Computing