A Simulation Platform for Localization and Mapping

AbstractIn this paper we present a simulation platform for evaluate methods for
simultaneous location and mapping. The platform is based on
The Kalmtool 3 toolbox which is a set of MATLAB tools for state estimation for
nonlinear systems. The toolbox contains functions for extended Kalman
filtering as well as for two new filters called the DD1 filter and the DD2
filter. It also contains function for Uncented Kalman filters as well
as three versions of particle filters.
The toolbox requires MATLAB ver. 6, but no additional
toolboxes are required.
KeywordsSimulation, toolbox, State estimation, Kalman filtering, nonlinear systems, autonomous robots
TypeConference paper [With referee]
ConferenceIFAC SYSID 2006 in Newcastle, Australia
Year2006    pp. 937-942
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