Design of A Development Platform for HW/SW Codesign of Wireless IOntegrated Sensor Nodes

Kashif Virk, Martin Leopold, Jan Madsen, Philipe Bonnet, Martin Hansen

AbstractWireless integrated sensor networks are a new class of
embedded computer systems which have been made possible
mainly by the recent advances in the micro and the
nano technology. In order to efficiently utilize the limited
resources available on a sensor node, we need to optimize
its key design parameters which is only possible by making
system-level design decisions about its hardware and software
(operating system and applications) architecture. In
this paper, we present the design of a sensor node development
platform in relation to an application of wireless integrated
sensor networks for sow monitoring. We also discuss
the related hardware/software codesign tradeoffs.
TypeConference paper [With referee]
Year2005    Month August
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IMM Group(s)Computer Science & Engineering