Maintenance of Digital Topographical Map Databases

Brian Pilemann Olsen

Keywordsmap updating, automatic change detection, topographical maps, TOP10DK, photogrammetry, aerial photography, colour-infrared, digital images, LIDAR, digital surface models, digital terrain models
TypePh.D. thesis [Academic thesis]
PublisherNational Survey and Cadastre Denmark (Kort og Matrikelstyrelsen)
Address8 Rentemestervej DK-2400 Copenhagen NV Denmark
SeriesIMM-PHD-2005-142, samt Technical report series, number 27 (Kort og Matrikelstyrelsen)
ISBN / ISSN87-7866-413-6
NoteThis thesis was prepared as part of a Ph.D. project carried out in the years 2000 to 2004. The project was carried out as a co-operation between, the Danish Research Academy, the Technical University of Denmark, IMM, and the National Survey and Cadastre Denmark, and funded by the Danish Research Academy and the National Survey and Cadastre Denmark. Supervised by Professor Ole Jacobi (Informatics and Mathematical Modelling, Technical University Denmark), Head of Sectiona and formerly Associate Professor Poul Frederiksen (Nataional Survey and Cadastre Denmarka, Informatics and Mathematical Modelling, Technical University Denmarkb), and Head of Department PhD Per Knudsen (Nataional Survey and Cadastre Denmark). This thesis is available from URL:
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IMM Group(s)Geoinformatics