The Renaissance Teacher

Per Skafte Hansen

AbstractThe teacher of the new renaissance engineer must be able to draw on all of his or her possible resources, while inspiring students to do likewise. A somewhat pedestrian tabular method is proposed for analysing what skills and propensities are available or desirable and for managing their balanced embedding into the teaching activities. Also, to avoid the pitfall of intimidating students with the apparently massive renaissance-style demands, a method of camouflaging the learning tasks is outlined and briefly illustrated
KeywordsRenaissance teacher, skill tabulation, education development, engineering competences
TypeConference paper [With referee]
ConferenceThe Renaissance Engineer of Tomorrow
EditorsClaudio Borri & Tor-Ulf Weck
Year2002    Month September
PublisherSEFI, 60 Rue de la Concorde, 1050 Brussels, Belgium
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IMM Group(s)Scientific Computing